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ForgottenDawn's News

Posted by ForgottenDawn - June 7th, 2014

Hey folks, long time no see.

I'm back with some news that may sound interesting to your ears, as it's the logical conclusion of an idea I've conceived a while back on this very site.

I have in fact just made a new playlist in my Youtube channel called "Inspiring Music", with the express purpose of sharing and publicizing music that in my opinion could need a voice and a chance to be heard (or heard again) throughout the internet. I'm especially talking about artists that aren't really that much known, if not at all and I'm not just referring to Newgrounds artists, and when I listen to their works I'm left with the same question: "Why doesn't this have more views?"

Featured artists in my channel would be fully credited, video descriptions would be full of links redirecting you to the artists' blogs or related channels, and most importantly, I'm not making money out of this experience. Something I can't do not even if I would because I live in Italy, and my country does not adhere to Youtube's partnership program. Plain and simple.

This is mainly about sharing music and I'm doing this because I consider myself passionate enough to understand the need for everyone's work to be shown and have a little bit of spotlight, enough for people around the world to listen to and spread the word.

Right now since I have just started this sub-project, as I call it, I could accept some requests if anyone here would like to have their tracks featured, just leave a comment below and I'll try to provide some feedback whenever possible. The reverse scenario would be that I would ask your permission to feature your track in my playlist, given links to your profiles and everything.

So, while waiting for the next Forgotten Dawn stuff to get done, I have already uploaded some tracks there. Let's make this channel a symbiotic network and a way for artists to get known.


[forgottendawn@Unity3D // Music for your Unity games and projects]

Posted by ForgottenDawn - May 21st, 2014

Hello everybody, welcome to yet another update.

While still brainstorming quite a lot recently in various projects, I've been also partly involved in this little thing here which had... pretty interesting consequences.

Well, what struck me more in that whole carnage was when I mentioned the existence of my old, perpetually inactive account KKSlider60. Like I've suddenly awakened the hidden depths of a collective consciousness buried beneath the moniker of "Newgrounds" at the mere calling of a closed chapter in my musical endeavor.

So without further ado, I felt like dedicating this newspost to that starting point I left here on our pale blue dot in favor of this one year old experience, to clear any previous doubts about a relic of identity.

Yes, I'm the same guy. Thank you very much.

Reasons are explained in the old account, following thanksies and free popsicles for everyone.

I'd like to spend some very terse words about the licensing concerning any track released here on Newgrounds, not just on this Forgotten Dawn channel.

The license is called Creative Commons and there are many variations of the same pie that allow producers to better target and protect their material. Here on Newgrounds, the applied license is CC 3.0 (Non-Commercial, Attribution, Share-Alike) which means in layman's terms that you can use the song of choice for your project AS LONG as you give credit to the respective author, and your final product must be NON PROFITABLE. Furthermore, you're free to share, remix and redistribute the chosen song however you wish.

Worth of mention is the fact that you don't need the author's permission for using his/her song...

...but it would still be nice to know, 'cause you know, it's still free and it takes literally 2 minutes to write a PM and say "Hey, can I use this in my absolutely amazing non-profit grand piece of craftsmanship?", which I will reply "Why sure, jolly gentleman!" coupled with a resounding pat on your shoulder.

Moreover, it doesn't matter if you make a single penny or a billion USD by selling my CC 3.0-licensed song, as well as it doesn't matter who you are, if the President of the United States or #1 Nice Guy in the World. By principle, you shouldn't. Full stop.

My, what a long post. So what have we learned in all of this?

That it's nice to read something once in a while.



[forgottendawn@Unity3D // Music for your Unity games and projects]

Posted by ForgottenDawn - May 15th, 2014

Hey there, folks. It's been a while since the last update, a full month no less.

Things have been relatively quiet here since the release of this project's very first soundtrack album, mainly because I have been attempting to write some new material spanning not only Newgrounds but a great part of FD's related channels (Unity comes into mind), and also because real life takes the daily priority as a kind reminder that we somehow need to keep breathing and survive.

Long story short, while I slowly crawl my way in the realm of "higher education" which currently takes quite a good portion of my time, I drown my thoughts into short term plans and the plethora of ideas that surface on my head during restless nights. Sometimes it works. Other times, well, it works differently, unexpectedly. Some other times it's a complete disaster. All this to say that I have been working quite hard to bring something else to the table, that new works are in progress and are slowly coming to life, that tiny bits of information are being added every day to what constitutes the near future of this project and its enstablished foundations.

I crave many ideas for different types of mediums as well, like video games or comics, therefore not strictly confined to music. I don't aspire for anything revolutionary if my sole revolution is to transmute my thoughts into worth-sharing experiences for my own enjoyment and for anyone willing to spend a drop of their own consciousness on Forgotten Dawn.

I think I rambled enough. Thank you for your time



[forgottendawn@Unity3D // Music for your Unity games and projects]

Posted by ForgottenDawn - April 4th, 2014

Hey folks, Forgotten Dawn here with a brand new, important update.

The soundtrack album for the free iPad game "Tears of the Machine: Prologue" is now available @Bandcamp for download! Related streaming links @Soundcloud, ReverbNation and Youtube.

Many thanks to X App Studio Group for the great experience we've shared and all the people who've been supporting this project since day one. Thank you for your incredible interest and affection.


To everyone who's been following me on Unity3D, "Dark Cinematic BGM Loops" has been a great success in the 24h sale of March 29th, and I've also received some great feedback from the Asset Store guys, which I thank thouroughly. Other news is that "Meditative Ambient Loops" is now permanently available at 5$ instead of 15$, and "Djent BGM Loops" is also permanently available at a lower price. Don't forget to check my other products here!

Again, thank you everyone for your attention and support


Posted by ForgottenDawn - March 14th, 2014

Hey there, folks

It's been a while since the last newspost in which I celebrated this project's first anniversary. This time I am proud to announce the release of my first single entitled "Tomorrow Will Be Better" available @Bandcamp for download. Related preview links @Soundcloud, ReverbNation and Youtube.

If you wish to download the track, you will be prompted to input the price you'd like to pay for your download. You are not obliged to actually pay for the track and you are absolutely free to decide whatever would be best for your pockets. If you enter a price, I would consider it as a donation towards the project. If you download for free, I'd only ask you to enter your email for security purposes, in order to avoid scam downloads and download bots. As always, feel free to share between your peers. You may use the track for non-commercial purposes only.


In the recent months, I have been working as a composer for an indie development team called X App Studio Group. The guys have just released their own iPad game called "Tears of the Machine: Prologue" available at the iTunes page here. You may also visit its Facebook page and Youtube. The soundtrack album will be released in the forthcoming days as we need some time to prepare the mixes and cover art. Meanwhile, if you're curious to see what the game is about, you can watch the launch trailer as follows.  


[forgottendawn@Unity3D // Music for your Unity games and projects]

Posted by ForgottenDawn - February 22nd, 2014

Today is quite the special one for this project, as it marks the very 1st anniversary of Forgotten Dawn. One full year of activity.

There are many things in store for the near future, including not just music but hopefully other forms of entertainment as well, in an attempt to further expand what has been achieved so far in a single year.

I thank everyone who has been supportful and have shared precious experiences with this project.

As always, feel free to share any released FD track and leave feedback/criticism.




[forgottendawn@Unity3D // Music for your Unity games and projects]

Posted by ForgottenDawn - January 30th, 2014

Hey there, Forgotten Dawn here for another update.

I've been fiddling around the Unity store for a while, and I'm quite satisfied with the results so far. It's a great opportunity the fact that I'm able to contribute to such a growing marketplace like Unity, and just recently my second loop package has been accepted in the store, this time featuring Ambient music.

So what else can I say, I feel pretty grateful for that and I've also been terribly busy in real life, school and what-not. I am slowly getting some material done in various projects however, so not all hopes are lost. You'll definitely see Forgotten Dawn this year here on Newgrounds and linked channels.

I'll be honest with you, I'm heavily relying on word-of-mouth for the success of this network since I can't afford to advertise it and I really don't even have the time for it. What I'm doing right now is to gradually lay the foundations for it, planting the seeds for the grass to grow forth. I have largely stayed away from posts that sounded like begging and I've always been relying on a more genuine interaction with you, as I wish to keep it that way.

Long story short, thank you for your support and to share


Loop packages for your game projects available @Unity 3D

1) Dark Cinematic BGM Loops - $25.00 - Includes 4 action-packed cinematic loops inspired by the film industry and dark sci-fi. Purchase link here || Preview here

2) Meditative Ambient Loops - $18.75 - Includes 4 ambient loops inspired by classic electronic acts like Brian Eno and Steve Roach, in order to provide an immersive relaxing tone to your projects. Purchase link here || Preview here

3) Free Horror BGM Loop - free - A suspenseful loop designed for thriller and/or survival horror settings. May also work in more experimental projects, especially surreal horror. Download link here || Preview here

4) Melodic Metal BGM Loop - $2.50 - A heavy metal loop designed to bring an aggressive vibe to your game project. Suitable for action settings. Purchase link here || Preview here

5) Djent BGM Loops - $37.50 - An aggressive metal loop pack inspired by Meshuggah and Metallica that includes 2 whole songs, 10 sliced loops and bonus dark ambiances. Purchase link here || Preview here

6) Acoustic Guitar Loop - $2.50 - A 1'44" loop featuring only the soothing melodies of an acoustic guitar. Purchase link here || Preview here


Posted by ForgottenDawn - January 15th, 2014

Hey there, Newgrounds.

News have just arrived about my package of four BGM asset loops being accepted into the Unity Asset Store. It is quite the privilege to be part of that marketplace, especially since that would be my very first submission ever, and I see this event as an important start for expanding this channel's horizons, hopefully bringing my music onto other development platforms and places in the indie industry.

But enough daydreaming for now, my Dark Cinematic BGM Loops are now live here: http://u3d.as/content/forgotten-dawn/dark-cinematic-bgm-loops

A free preview of the package is available here on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/forgotten-dawn/dark-cinematic-bgm-loops

Thank you for your support! //FD

Posted by ForgottenDawn - December 31st, 2013

Hey folks, quite the rough year 2013 has been.

To think that I've started this channel in February '13, I feel like I have accomplished a lot here in a relatively short time, thanks to a wonderful audience and a support I honestly didn't expect to receive. I consider the coming year as another challenge: one that will be full of intense feelings and commitments, one that will surely teach something, one that in itself will add another page to this strange journey called life.

Forgotten Dawn will continue to release material and collaborative efforts with fellow partners that have been very supportive and active, each in their own field. I don't usually set deadlines or release dates unless I'm completely sure they will be fulfilled, and the announced "fifteen" album is still in development, as well as other works I will announce in due time.

Special thanks to all my virtual brothers, new and long lasting, as we shared experiences we'll never forget not even in two lifetimes and I'm sure it's just the beginning as in fact is. Many thanks to the people here on Newgrounds for the opportunities that have been granted to me and the time they spent listening to my own tracks -- their critique, their appreciation, their genuine admiration, or anything else that have contributed in making this channel more memorable.

So long, 2013.



Posted by ForgottenDawn - December 15th, 2013

It's been a couple of weeks ago that a trailer regarding a project I'm working on as a composer has been released on Youtube from the development team known as "X App Studio Group".

As for this channel, there's plenty of work in progress material to be released in the next weeks, possibly months, due to real life commitments and what-not.

I'd like to thank you for your continued support and please, share this channel with the people you care the most. I can't rely on advertisement for now and the only power I have is that of interacting with you and try to spread the word.

So, again, thank you