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ForgottenDawn's News

Posted by ForgottenDawn - January 15th, 2014

Hey there, Newgrounds.

News have just arrived about my package of four BGM asset loops being accepted into the Unity Asset Store. It is quite the privilege to be part of that marketplace, especially since that would be my very first submission ever, and I see this event as an important start for expanding this channel's horizons, hopefully bringing my music onto other development platforms and places in the indie industry.

But enough daydreaming for now, my Dark Cinematic BGM Loops are now live here: http://u3d.as/content/forgotten-dawn/dark-cinematic-bgm-loops

A free preview of the package is available here on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/forgotten-dawn/dark-cinematic-bgm-loops

Thank you for your support! //FD

Posted by ForgottenDawn - December 31st, 2013

Hey folks, quite the rough year 2013 has been.

To think that I've started this channel in February '13, I feel like I have accomplished a lot here in a relatively short time, thanks to a wonderful audience and a support I honestly didn't expect to receive. I consider the coming year as another challenge: one that will be full of intense feelings and commitments, one that will surely teach something, one that in itself will add another page to this strange journey called life.

Forgotten Dawn will continue to release material and collaborative efforts with fellow partners that have been very supportive and active, each in their own field. I don't usually set deadlines or release dates unless I'm completely sure they will be fulfilled, and the announced "fifteen" album is still in development, as well as other works I will announce in due time.

Special thanks to all my virtual brothers, new and long lasting, as we shared experiences we'll never forget not even in two lifetimes and I'm sure it's just the beginning as in fact is. Many thanks to the people here on Newgrounds for the opportunities that have been granted to me and the time they spent listening to my own tracks -- their critique, their appreciation, their genuine admiration, or anything else that have contributed in making this channel more memorable.

So long, 2013.



Posted by ForgottenDawn - December 15th, 2013

It's been a couple of weeks ago that a trailer regarding a project I'm working on as a composer has been released on Youtube from the development team known as "X App Studio Group".

As for this channel, there's plenty of work in progress material to be released in the next weeks, possibly months, due to real life commitments and what-not.

I'd like to thank you for your continued support and please, share this channel with the people you care the most. I can't rely on advertisement for now and the only power I have is that of interacting with you and try to spread the word.

So, again, thank you



Posted by ForgottenDawn - September 27th, 2013

I'm glad to announce that the first Forgotten Dawn release called "fifteen" is officially work in progress, and it will be available on Bandcamp for free streaming and name your price download, as well as Youtube for exclusive streaming.

Anybody willing to download or purchase the album will also obtain some bonus material like wallpapers and a booklet in PDF form, plus some other neat stuff.

To everyone who has been supporting the project so far I just personally can't thank you enough, and to those who have just recently been introduced to Forgotten Dawn's music, I warmly say welcome and enjoy the vibes.
Moontears series:
Moontears Part II
Moontears Part III
Album cover leak:


Posted by ForgottenDawn - September 20th, 2013

Posted by ForgottenDawn - September 14th, 2013

Hey folks, it's been a while.

I just withdrew from the NGADM contest due to difficulties in life and work. Still a great result, in my opinion, since I made it through the top 16 among +200 submissions, initially. So hopefully I'll be able to catch onto other opportunities around the web.

I'm still planning to release a Bandcamp-only album when it will be done, and it will appear only on Youtube for streaming. I'm going to keep albums and full releases exclusive to Bandcamp since their songs will likely be part of a larger concept. So what will happen to the tracks that aren't album-related? Nothing, except what has already been done.

Speaking of concepts, there are other things in store for you that are not solely related to music, but I'm taking my time to polish things a little bit before announcing them officially here.

What else to say, thank you for your support, stay tuned and hopefully you'll see more stuff coming out in a near future.

Posted by ForgottenDawn - August 26th, 2013

I thought I should have given you a little bit of guidance through the network of channels where you can find my music.

I should note that this is a temporary measure until the advent of a proper personal website hosting all Forgotten Dawn-related pages. Thank you and enjoy the music.

//Main channels

Newgrounds - I consider this to be my main channel since it's where I can post blog messages like this and I can participate to contests while giving feedback to other artists around here. Streaming: Allowed, Download: Free, allowed

Soundcloud - It's another important channel for me, as I feel it is more immediate than Newgrounds and its only focus is audio. Streaming: Allowed, Download: Free, allowed

Bandcamp - The place where singles, soundtrack albums and personal albums are and will be available for streaming and download/purchase. Streaming: Allowed, Download: Free/Commercial (Name Your Price)

Youtube - The place where you can find my official tracks coupled with pretty imagery and also official mixes and playlists. Streaming: Allowed, Download: Not allowed

//Commercial audio

Unity Asset StoreRecently opened, you can find audio assets in the form of BGM loops that you may use in your games, ranging a variety of styles and settings. Streaming: Allowed (previews available on Soundcloud), Download: Commercial

Audiojungle - Exclusive audio for commercial use, such as broadcasting and film. More information about licenses can be found on the website itself. Streaming: Allowed (in-site watermarked previews), Download: Commercial

//Social networks

Facebook - I don't use it much, just for publishing news about the channel and sharing released tracks.

Twitter - Recently linked to the network and re-adapted from my personal account. Same as above, really, it's just news and activity feed. 

Google+ - If it weren't for the fact that Google likes changing things without notice while forcing their ways on their users anywhere no matter what, I would have probably used Plus. Instead, I loathe it. So feel free to skip it, I really don't care.


Coming soon...


Skype - Only for "heart to heart" conversations, I don't usually make friendships on Skype and it's mainly for work. If you want to add me, please motivate your decision and/or introduce yourself. Any contact that doesn't meet this requirement will be deleted.

Newgrounds - Private messages are there for a reason.

Email - forgottendawnofficial@gmail.com - For any contact and support.


Posted by ForgottenDawn - August 20th, 2013

Hey folks, fans and friends alike.

I'm planning to expand my horizons on Reverbnation, as well as continuing to make music in all the social networks and audio platforms I have been roaming around since February 2013, date of my actual start.

All released songs will be uploaded there in a matter of mere minutes, available for free streaming and download.

It would be really great if you would help me share my music to your friends and families, or simply let people know about this project via social networking.

Thank you in advance for your much appreciated support, and stay tuned for more tracks.
[Forgotten Dawn @Reverbnation]

Posted by ForgottenDawn - July 31st, 2013

Hey folks, I have something a little special for all the people that have supported me so far.

It's a video that includes all my own tracks released so far, for a whopping 35 minutes of continuous music. I have personally mixed them in order to create an immersive and enjoyable experience.

Thank you very much, and until the next volume of FD.
[link video]

Posted by ForgottenDawn - July 21st, 2013

Hey folks, this is just a teaser track while we all wait for the first round of the NGADM to make its course.

Since I love Silent Hill, I felt like making a tribute to Akira Yamaoka.

I hope you enjoy and best of luck to the contest participants
[link to video]