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Let's face it folks, at least we won't be coming short of good comedy


That's what I thought as soon as those incredibly lush and detailed backgrounds gleefully reached my eye cones. It's refreshing to see such a craft on Newgrounds, as it borrows heavily from Miyazaki – Princess Mononoke comes to mind, especially the chase scene with that whole theme of darkness/corruption.

There are a few very forgivable mishaps along the way which still don't detract from the experience. I would have loved if you explored the characters a little more, as I feel the second half introduces the various scenes a little too hastily. The surreal atmosphere almost reminds me of Wakfu, also French with a very unique artstyle, I think you guys got that kind of potential at hands. It would be very interesting, I think, to see what you could make of it.

I just love what you've been able to come up with, really nice tribute video!
As for the music, man, anytime whenever you feel like, you're welcome to use any of my tracks. It's an honor to be a part of this ;)

Looking forward to this year's contest as well, that'd be fun.

RealFaction responds:

Aww thanks ^__^ I appreciate it! I love your music.

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To be fair, this isn't what I'd consider bad by a long shot. You already claimed it was a "cute and short" platformer, but apparently that doesn't stop people from disgraceful drama queens. Surely, the abrupt end was rather anticlimactic, and I think the game as it stands right now is more of a prototype than a finished product.

The gameplay seems to be slow. I'd suggest tweaking the movement speed and make sure the jumping feels more fluid and less "moon gravity". It's a start, I mean, you can definitely do more about it and it seems like it's in your bucket list. Just keep it up and turn this into a full, polished experience. I'd play it.

tinyworlds responds:

The "moon gravity" was embed in the story for the one part. Experimented a bit with it, but decided to make it quite a bit extreme to show the lack of gravity. But you're right, it might not be the best level of gravity for fast platforming. Thank you.

Clever, short and sweet. Just how I like it.

I own the full version of Color Switch on my Android phone, which I play on a daily basis, so I'm more than familiar with the game. I decided to try out this port just to see if there were any differences. I frankly don't understand the inclusion of ads in a web port. Just why? The mobile version itself is already pretty aggressive on ads and you need to pay a small amount just to get rid of them. I think the web port itself is an effective advertisement for the full version given that it pretty much behaves like a demo. Why including ads in a web port demo of a full game available on a different platform? I think it discourages people from even trying out the game on mobile. For a demo, it's how you would expect to behave. Just a handful of levels with pretty much the same mechanics as the full version. Performance may dip sometimes depending on many factors i.e. the website's own ads, though I didn't find it to be a major issue.
Despite the fact that I really enjoy the full version on mobile, I feel forced to lower the score on this demo for the aforementioned reasons. It's an otherwise well made game.

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Woo! I swear this reminds me of Silent Hill 2, the calmer parts. If it were more tape saturated and lo-fi, it'd be Yamaoka straight-on. It feels very nostalgic to me, hence its simplicity and the way it's delivered. Gets my mind working. I'm definitely faving this, made my day.

Hey, thanks for the shout-out man! It really doesn't feel like it's been that long, doesn't it? Sorry I haven't been around as of lately, just been really busy, catching up with stuff, and summer lethargy kicking in. I'll see you on Discord.

RealFaction responds:

It's fine, thanks man.

First of all, THANK YOU for not using any sort of percussion on the track. I feel they would have ruined the atmosphere, making the song feel like another pop hit. Instead, I think it was smart of you to keep it drumless. It's more powerful this way. The gated square synths you used already provide enough of a rhythmic reference point.

So, technical wankery aside, I really don't have much to add to what's already been stated down below. 7 minutes, wow. Didn't feel it was that long. It's as smooth as future elevator music can get, in terms of pacing and easy listening. The intended dissonance between the dark lyrics and art pop-like bonanza makes it really endearing to me.

It's like one of those anime with a bubblegum mainstream exterior to lure any potential viewer into thinking they're going to watch just another mindless lighthearted show, but it's actually really dark and twisted (looking at you, Madoka), which makes your song all the more genuine and at the same time sophisticated, to me.

It's easily one of your best works to date and I'm glad to have had a chance to witness its production. Thank you for sharing this with me, please keep it up.

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Happy new horrifying year :D

Your work never ceases to amaze me. Brilliant.

RobStanley responds:

Thank you! :)

Time to watch Watership Down again :D

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