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About Licensing

2018-01-21 22:16:09 by ForgottenDawn

I thought I'd make a quick summary for anyone who's interested in using my tracks in their own projects.

Singles / Personal albums

License: CC 4.0 Attribution / Royalty-free

You are free to do whatever you want, even for commercial projects, as long as you credit me as the author of the chosen music.


Soundtrack albums / Video-game related music

License: CC 3.0 Attribution - Non-commercial - Share-alike / One-off payment - Royalty-free

You are free to use these tracks for your own projects, as long as you credit me as the author and you don't make money out of it. Furthermore, if you modify or remix upon these works, you have to use this same license.

No, you can't use them in your own video game or as part of another soundtrack.


Stock tracks (Unity Asset Store / Audiojungle products)

License: All Rights Reserved / Generally One-off payment - Royalty-free

You have to abide by their licensing rules.


Cover tracks

License: All Rights Reserved / I don't own shit

Don't use these tracks, period. I don't own the intellectual property belonging to the original content creator, nor I am able to monetize upon it. Neither should you.



License: Varies / Typically CC 3.0 (see above)

As a rule of thumb, since these tracks don't include just me, you may only use them for non-profit projects. Furthermore, you should credit me and whoever else is involved as authors.

Useful link: http://elearningbrothers.com/elearning-tip-the-difference-between-copyright-free-and-royalty-free/

If you still have any doubts or would like to share royalties or any other inquiry, feel free to shoot me a PM. Otherwise, it would be advisable to consult a lawyer.




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2018-01-24 16:50:35

So everything but stock tracks and covers, free to cover and post on NG. Cool. I currently don't sell anything anyway, haha.

ForgottenDawn responds:

Oh, you know, just an informative post, I suppose. :') You sell your, uh, passion for composing. There you go. Go get 'em, girl!