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I intended to leave a comment here earlier, but was too tired to do so. This is such a fun piece to listen to! Other than showing you how powerful Omnisphere is as an all-around synth—granted you have plenty of RAM to spare—it's also the kind of track that is as long and as intense as it needs to be. There's no "extra", no frills—everything works as intended, by design. Good job on you for crunching to the very end and not letting this piece go to waste, as it would have indeed been a shame.

I thought the title sounded familiar... :') It's a nice and contemplative sound collage. It definitely fits the spirit of "tekisui".

Maybe I'm used to harsher ambiances, so I could be biased here (said by Mr. Lo-fi, degraded tape noises and digital washing machines), but this was a pretty relaxing listen and I did enjoy the melodic build-up at the end. It's nice to see that phrase from a different angle. For me, this sounds like a hopeful aftermath.

I've never quite heard a version like this before. I can picture you smiling while singing those parts and pounding on that drum, amid the shakiness and breathiness and all those little nuances and quirks that make your performance all the more human. I hope you had a Merry Christmas, and may the upcoming year be merrier.

It's a nice debut. Good luck on your new endeavor!

This slaps, man. You're only one of the handful of people I trust to make good use of those hybrid production libraries, haha. Can't tell you how many AAA producers are afraid to just layer them creatively. That, and the fact that the song never feels like it drags despite the length.

Montron responds:

Thank you for dropping by FD, how are you doing lately? :)

The thing with hybrid libs that they would eventually sound the same after a few uses, so to reuse them you would find some way to make them sound interesting. Maybe it's because the silly me doesn't look at music as a product or challenge and more of a fun thing to do. Every new project is something interesting and how to find a way to make them unique and expressive. It is just something I enjoy a lot.

My production took influences from IDM artists that you introduced to me while back, Aphex Twins, Four Tet, Solar Fields, Telefon Tel Aviv, Max Million, Venetian Snares and especially Stefan Torto. There is just so much creativity in all their works.

Thank you for your review! :) Take care. :( I hope you doing well, don't catch the virus.

Definitely has an old school early 90's house vibe, reminds me of early Biosphere. The genre itself is pretty fun, I also experimented with it. Really not bad for a first attempt.

Welcome back, Step. Missed your music. c:
I hope we can catch up someday. I'm glad you made this piece. Very pleasant and well produced. This easily slips into my favorites.

Step responds:

FD! It has been a while! Really glad that you enjoyed the piece, especially since I can always trust you to be honest about what you think.

Hope things are going well on your end. Thanks a lot for the review!

This was fun to work on a whim like that. It's the best type of collabs. Thank you for the experience~

Thanks for the shout-out, folks. Good show, keep it up~

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