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Blown away. The fact that just one guy did it. I have nothing else to say, honestly. As an animation student myself, I can only bow to you, sir, and hope that one day you may join the upper echelons of such painfully liberating craft. In my eyes, you already do. Keep the awesome.

Let's face it folks, at least we won't be coming short of good comedy


That's what I thought as soon as those incredibly lush and detailed backgrounds gleefully reached my eye cones. It's refreshing to see such a craft on Newgrounds, as it borrows heavily from Miyazaki – Princess Mononoke comes to mind, especially the chase scene with that whole theme of darkness/corruption.

There are a few very forgivable mishaps along the way which still don't detract from the experience. I would have loved if you explored the characters a little more, as I feel the second half introduces the various scenes a little too hastily. The surreal atmosphere almost reminds me of Wakfu, also French with a very unique artstyle, I think you guys got that kind of potential at hands. It would be very interesting, I think, to see what you could make of it.

I just love what you've been able to come up with, really nice tribute video!
As for the music, man, anytime whenever you feel like, you're welcome to use any of my tracks. It's an honor to be a part of this ;)

Looking forward to this year's contest as well, that'd be fun.

ThatJohnnyGuy responds:

Aww thanks ^__^ I appreciate it! I love your music.

It's definitely a funny animation I could view as a spoof of horror video game and creepypasta clichés, specifically the "haunted cartridges" category, much requested and much abused at the same time. I liked how it's smooth enough to give the illusion somebody is actually playing a game rather than a movie, with the hilarious HUD and broken graphics complementing the already immersive 8-bit nightmare. The audio seems quite loyal to the retro environment it's fit in, with the occasional sound effects being somewhat a bit too loud compared to the mix, be it for shock tactics or simply an attempt at creating a more lo-fi atmosphere. I'm giving half a star less because I would have loved a more focused plot and not simply a spree of surreal randomness with the only premise being the alleged "ghost" possessing the game and breaking havoc in the protagonist's life. It doesn't detract from the experience however, as in fact I think it succeeds in its intent pretty well, and finally happy Halloween to you as well.

ClockworkPixel responds:

Thank you cery much :) i used the loose plot to see if people would fill in the blanks themselfs. Glad you liked it

How did I miss this beautiful short the last year sounds like a mystery to me. The absence of soundtrack, rather, the various sounds making the soundtrack at each scene is almost magical. The same feelings I expect to have when watching a Pixar short, where the dialogue-less narrative coexists symbiotically with an immersive atmosphere and gorgeous visuals. This, while simple and experimental in its nature, it's a video you just can't dislike as it touches themes that are distinctly human, and they feel "alive" because we probably know what it means deep down ourselves. Conflict, among all the themes, and how a simple object can become a symbol for unity and brotherhood in the long run. Symbolism aside, this short is what it is: a landmark in NG history.

Simply the truth. Nice, smooth animation and the jokes are clever.

They should have named it "Xbox TV", maybe I would have expected a different thing than "Television. Sports. Call of Duty". Waste of my time. Surely we're just at the start of this new generation of consoles, many things can happen in the meantime and maturity comes usually at around 3 or 4 years after the launch... But this is just ridiculous. No indie support, no free sharing, internet is required even just for changing your dashboard looks, no backwards compatibility, and specs are roughly the same as the PS4.
Nope. Not investing in a toaster. This can only mean that the 360 will have an even elongated lifetime while the Microsoft fans wait for a real console.

ZenithQuinn responds:

thanks for the review! And i agree.

Very informative. In fact, I view it as an obvious metaphor of a dystopian, consumistic society that drains the very life out of a single individual for reasons that clearly make up -at the end of the day- monetary profit and benefits to those very few at the apex of the social pyramid, ignoring ethics, morals, and common sense. Whether these last three factor contribute to something expendable in a general sense, I'll leave it up to you, but it's amazingly well described in the video: a motherly love, the close relationship between a mother and her womb, completely deconstructed and turned into a ruthless, cold, industrial reality where in the end, only destruction and death can be seen. And even among the darkest odds, a feeble ray of light that breaches the darkness... Life begins anew. Wonderful.

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