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ForgottenDawn's News

Posted by ForgottenDawn - December 3rd, 2019

Hello, everyone.

I've been wanting to write an update for a while. It just didn't happen for a number of reasons which can all be summarized to life simply happening. It's going to be a surprisingly short heads-up.

There's stuff in the works, that much I can say. I've been getting commissions done and furthering progress on some of my personal albums. I've got enough in-progress material to cover potential future singles and, of course, my "atmospheric funeral doom metal experiment" number 4, which some fans have been highly anticipating on my YouTube channel.

Now, I don't like keeping promises nor the prospect of feeding a self-imposed tight schedule like some kind of business. Things will be done when they will be done, as always.

On a few more PSAs, SoundCloud has recently announced (thank you @Troisnyx for providing the link) their eventual compliance to COPPA by 2020 along with new updated restrictions to the upload limit for free users. Since I still got a handful of tracks there merely consisting of audio previews from really old Unity Asset Store products, I might back them up here on Newgrounds as a countermeasure, so don't freak out if you see relics from my 2014 self suddenly resurfacing in a near future.

It's no big loss if my account will one day be terminated there, as I haven't been minding the platform in a really good while and I frankly don't care what happens to the website at large. It's just funny to me how Newgrounds is becoming the going back to parents' card for certain communities (see Tumblr) after some disastrous shot-themselves-in-both-feet ToS update. Speaks volumes about the state of 2020 Internet and wildly popular web-based services, in general.

Speaking of mass content creator migrations, there's still no viable alternative to YouTube yet. One can only hope there will be one day, but for now, things will stay as they've always been and I have no intention of going anywhere point blank, anytime soon. I will still upload 1-hour ambiances, I will still upload full albums and singles, one-off experiments, covers, tributes, anything you and I can possibly think of. Besides, we're nearing 1000 subscribers. Why leaving before the party starts, right?

And that's all for now. As always, feel free to leave a dime to my Patreon or anywhere allowing you to buy my own stuff if you'd like, even just the equivalent of a coffee means the world to me. Subscribe, follow, comment, reshare, do whatever you like.

Stay tuned, stay real.


Posted by ForgottenDawn - October 8th, 2019

Hey everyone! I hope you're having a good time. Summer's finally over, it's time to get back to work, which means new music coming up soon™! Here's something I've been working on for a while, hope you enjoy.

Posted by ForgottenDawn - September 23rd, 2019

"Write like there's no tomorrow" reads Patreon's placeholder text.

I thought that instead of writing a comeback post, I would rather come clear on what's been going on lately. Truth is, not much. I feel exhausted. I have crunched my studies and school-related commitments for an entire year without giving myself a chance to truly disconnect from everything.

In the last few months, I've been feeling like all that pent-up stress has finally caught up with me to the point any activity right now feels incredibly fatiguing and mentally demanding, leading me to get frustrated and bored and irritable for no discernible reason my short-term brain can rationalize.

It's heartbreaking. As a workaholic creator, having to come to terms with my own limitations and muster the humility to accept them as temporary is, perhaps, the worst hurdle I can imagine right now. I finally have some time for myself; some semblance of space where everything is possible with no deadlines looming in to paint the skies with gloom and anxiety.

And yet, it feels dull, insipid, stuck between doing and non-doing, fretting for something to happen; to get me out of this grey zone. And that's really it. Maybe there will be new music by next month. Maybe there won't. Until then, I will try unplugging for as long as I feel necessary.

Thanks everyone for your support. Love you all.


Posted by ForgottenDawn - June 23rd, 2019

Posted by ForgottenDawn - April 28th, 2019

Hello, folks. If you've ever wanted to batch download all my singles at once, I got the solution for you. I have uploaded them on Bandcamp in a neat bundle called Anthology - Singles Collection.

It contains 51 singles produced between 2013 and 2017, excluding collaborations and covers (and "Strings Dynamics Test" because, well, it's only a test track) for a grand total of approximately 4 hours of music.

As per usual with most of my output, it's not only free for the taking but royalty-free.




Posted by ForgottenDawn - April 19th, 2019

New album now available on Youtube, Bandcamp, and Newgrounds.

Download links in the description.


Posted by ForgottenDawn - March 3rd, 2019

New album "ruins" now available on Newgrounds, Youtube, and Bandcamp.

Download links in the description.

Posted by ForgottenDawn - February 17th, 2019

Hello, everybody. I hope you're having a great day.

I'm back with a new video, and let me tell you, it's a pretty special one. Forgotten Dawn's 6th anniversary is only a few days apart, yet I've been eager to share this video today for two awesome coincidences.

One such coincidence is my birthday, of course, less importantly but still kind of nice.

Secondly, someone I actually admire was executed on the same day four centuries ago and counting. Look it up, it's a friar named Giordano Bruno. He was burnt at the stake for merely suggesting the existence of "infinite worlds" beyond our own. Gotta love freedom of thought in the 17th century.

The title of this video is "Endless Worlds". I realized only after uploading it this was a morbidly awesome coincidence, so I just went along with it. So, what's the video about? It's a 4-hour megamix of some of my past works released from 2013 to 2018. The whole set features 74 tracks taken from my own singles, personal discography, soundtracks, and collabs.


Oh, it's also Cat Day in Europe.


Posted by ForgottenDawn - January 26th, 2019

Hello, people. First 2019 newspost, wooo.

I'm fairly excited to announce another side project called The Weird Game. It's a little something I've been experimenting with in my spare time as a way to both familiarize with the RPG Maker VX Ace environment and throw in some thoughts and ideas that would be cool to explore.

I'd recommend reading the following game page if you'd like to learn more, and I also made a dedicated Discord server for anyone interested in the project or is merely curious about it.

Linky link: https://rpgmaker.net/games/10940

See you all in the next update. Stay tuned,



Posted by ForgottenDawn - December 31st, 2018

Good day, everyone.

I'm publishing this digest relatively early today because I'm expecting to get really busy immediately after New Year's, so right now it just seems like the most favorable time to talk about stuff.

With 2018 closing by, I just wanted to thank all of you fans, followers, listeners, colleagues, stalkers, lurkers, and friends for sticking around another long and intense year. Let's take a closer look at what has been achieved so far:

- Updated visual identity and logo. It might not seem like much, but the brand new sparkling logo feels fresh, ready to chew bubblegum and kick ass!

- .defrag has received a massive update, including but not limited to an overhauled custom UI system, custom font and game icon, new maps, reworked and expanded scenarios, updated script, new features and most importantly, no more pre-alpha! While it's still far from done, it's also far from prototypical, so I'm looking forward to keep expanding this project in the coming year.

- The Linear Game was released! A fun little side project I mostly made as an exercise while multitasking. The feedback and exposure it's gotten immediately after its release was unexpected and wholesome. It's definitely not the only side project I have in mind, so expect more short, little experimental "Games" coming out in the future.

- The full shift towards an album-oriented release schedule as opposed to single tracks has been pretty smooth. Since I'm prone to multitasking and commissions often overlap with my own personal projects, I figured this would be a good time to experiment new placement models and keep the workflow as fluent as possible. So far so good, with three soundtrack mini-albums and more to come in the future.

- Speaking of personal projects, there's a whole lot of new material cooking up that I'm hoping to release next year. A follow-up to the first Rust album, an update to the 16 album, and much, much more. I'm starting to sound like a salesman.

- COLLABS! There's a wealth of talented folks that's been under my radar for a long while and I do have something in mind for them. I'm more than happy when it comes to ambient music, while for everything else... well, it'll take longer. You'll have to forgive me if I can't fulfill my part for whatever reason. As you can probably tell, I tend to be just a tiny itsy busy.

- Oh, right! The Underground Collective released its second Volume this year! You should totally go check it out :D

- My own Youtube has been growing and growing, surpassing 500 subscribers and finally getting its own Community tab. It's also been rendered non-monetized and completely ad-free! Wooo! <3

- My Discord server has received tons of important structural updates and our family has been gradually expanding. Exciting times, for sure!

Overall, not too shabby, huh? I'm looking forward to an even more eventful year and getting more shit together~

Happy New Year, and see you all in 2019