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m0lecular - soundwaves in liberty

Posted by ForgottenDawn - May 10th, 2017

Greetings, everyone. I hope you're doing great.

So, I've got some interesting news today. I'm proud to unveil a project I have been keeping under wraps for The Underground Collective, which isn't Volume II. It's a complete and utter surprise, instead. It's something special meant as a tribute album for someone we hold dearly in high regard. Someone who's a fellow Newgrounder like us, a charitable individual and a great composer.

This is for you, man. @MactaMendax
It's our turn now.

So, how did we get the idea? Well, me and @backwardecho have been wanting to create something like this for months. It was important for us to remind ourselves about what really makes Newgrounds great. It's a community, first and foremost. We reminded ourselves that there's nothing wrong in asking for help when someone needs it. We reminded ourselves that our collaborative spirit can take us to greater heights and propel each other to grow as artists and individuals. We collab to express ourselves and ultimately because it's fun!

We took this opportunity to show to this awesome website that such things can exist if we open our minds to it. We grabbed about a dozen people — good friends and musicians, and we then decided to secretly coordinate ourselves for this special occasion. An entire album made to symbolically represent what @MactaMandex's actions mean to us. His patronage and philanthropy on the website. And we took the concept a step further.

With charity on our minds since the start, we thought of sharing this cause, as suggested by our friend @RealFaction, available at GoFundMe here: https://www.gofundme.com/help-my-abused-girlfriend-move

It's a heartbreaking story, and the title of our tribute album unintentionally reflects what we could all wish for Jacob and her girlfriend: freedom. Freedom of expression. Freedom to be what you want to be.

So, please, give our tracks a chance! :) Share them, listen, do whatever you want. Feel also free to tag more people in the comment section below.

As for Volume II of The Underground Collective, well... TBA. ;o

@backwardecho @edm364 @Enzer0 @hikari @jacobcadmus @larrynachos @mattashi @evilraccoon @phonometrologist @realfaction @lucidshadowdreamer @soundchris


Album link: https://the-underground-collective.bandcamp.com/album/m0lecular-soundwaves-in-liberty


Comments (3)

Finally :D hope you like it @MactaMendax

holyshit guys you caught me by surprise. :O and here i thought it was something small and quiet.

FD and @mattashi your tracks are fucking great.

;) That was what we intended. Glad it hit the mark! I'm personally satisfied with the whole collection of tracks, and it's always great to interact with NG veterans. We exchanged feedback, ideas, opinions, music. I can safely say that this is what NG is about after all these years.

can i join your secret secret discord now? :D

Said and done. Check your skype ;o