Entry #103

Easter thoughts

2017-04-15 17:46:09 by ForgottenDawn

Hey guys and gals, how's it going?

I wanted to wish a Happy Easter to anyone celebrating the holidays, and to everyone else, I just wanted to leave some quick thoughts about what's been going on here lately.

As I mentioned last time, the Forgotten Dawn website is in the works and there's been some good progress. Been working on it for quite a good while —this is actually the third time I'm designing the whole thing from scratch— and it's coming up nice and tidy. I'm not entirely sure when I'll give it the first light, but it is gonna be this year and it's gonna feature quite a lot of content, old and new.

Musically speaking, I'm probably gonna focus on ambient music again. I consider it my musical home and I always return to it every time I feel the need to take a break from anything else. It also works as a self-relaxation tool and as a simple outlet for myself. There's just something about it... I love putting good droney atmospheres in the background and just drift with my mind, whether it's writing or drawing or working on something else. Good feels, man.

So, yeah. I hope you have a good day and I'll see you next time.



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2017-04-15 21:10:29

happy easter, let's stew the bunnies after it... *jokes*

ForgottenDawn responds:

Happy Easter to you as well. ;) I've been binging on chocolate eggs. Oof.


2017-04-18 00:53:42

Hi I saw your stuff a few months ago and found you again from a review

ForgottenDawn responds:

Hi there, welcome back. :)