2014-05-15 03:48:31 by ForgottenDawn

Hey there, folks. It's been a while since the last update, a full month no less.

Things have been relatively quiet here since the release of this project's very first soundtrack album, mainly because I have been attempting to write some new material spanning not only Newgrounds but a great part of FD's related channels (Unity comes into mind), and also because real life takes the daily priority as a kind reminder that we somehow need to keep breathing and survive.

Long story short, while I slowly crawl my way in the realm of "higher education" which currently takes quite a good portion of my time, I drown my thoughts into short term plans and the plethora of ideas that surface on my head during restless nights. Sometimes it works. Other times, well, it works differently, unexpectedly. Some other times it's a complete disaster. All this to say that I have been working quite hard to bring something else to the table, that new works are in progress and are slowly coming to life, that tiny bits of information are being added every day to what constitutes the near future of this project and its enstablished foundations.

I crave many ideas for different types of mediums as well, like video games or comics, therefore not strictly confined to music. I don't aspire for anything revolutionary if my sole revolution is to transmute my thoughts into worth-sharing experiences for my own enjoyment and for anyone willing to spend a drop of their own consciousness on Forgotten Dawn.

I think I rambled enough. Thank you for your time



[forgottendawn@Unity3D // Music for your Unity games and projects]


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2014-05-15 11:03:43

The more battles you fight, the more you become an experienced veteran... just keep your perception high.

ForgottenDawn responds:

Indeed. I try to keep my feet on the ground, as I don't like keeping promises I won't likely be able to fulfill. Anyway, it's been a while man, how have you been?


2014-05-15 22:20:22

I've been doing my best to keep promises... just slow to get them all done. It's growing season, very busy when it's not raining outside. Pico day was fun to attend, also kinda expensive.

ForgottenDawn responds:

In my case there was class in between, and I had just finished a song for another project during Pico day, so I had no time to submit anything decent and I was also pretty tired and under the weather. I burn a lot more energies when thinking about my ideas to keep them fresh. There are days when I only daydream about my own stuff and yet feel exhausted at night, because sometimes my "visions" are really intense. It's always been like that, but I find it easier to explain with words now.


2014-05-17 12:18:20

Brainstorming used to wear me out too, I guess as you get older, the thought processes get streamlined... you should be graduating soon, yes?

ForgottenDawn responds:

Nope, there are still about 2-3 years left. I graduated from high school like two years ago, so I'm still studying. Hopefully I'll be able to pack my stuff and move somewhere else after graduating.