2014-04-04 21:44:50 by ForgottenDawn

Hey folks, Forgotten Dawn here with a brand new, important update.

The soundtrack album for the free iPad game "Tears of the Machine: Prologue" is now available @Bandcamp for download! Related streaming links @Soundcloud, ReverbNation and Youtube.

Many thanks to X App Studio Group for the great experience we've shared and all the people who've been supporting this project since day one. Thank you for your incredible interest and affection.


To everyone who's been following me on Unity3D, "Dark Cinematic BGM Loops" has been a great success in the 24h sale of March 29th, and I've also received some great feedback from the Asset Store guys, which I thank thouroughly. Other news is that "Meditative Ambient Loops" is now permanently available at 5$ instead of 15$, and "Djent BGM Loops" is also permanently available at a lower price. Don't forget to check my other products here!

Again, thank you everyone for your attention and support



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2014-04-04 23:11:57

These are Two Steps From Hell master level! Great work sir!

ForgottenDawn responds:

Thank you! My, what a compliment :)


2014-04-08 17:21:20

I hate to say it, but by the looks of it, the game isn’t going to do your music justice.
Had to come back and listen to this twice through—The World You See is a gorgeous track, and I absolutely love Neverending Battle. The rhythm and energy of that track must be what Elitistinen is specifically referring to. I personally hear a little more Tron influence than Two Steps From Hell.
I’ll come back later.

ForgottenDawn responds:

Well, the game itself is a project that is still in its infancy, so naturally we can't express an opinion on potential but rather what we see, touch and feel. I understand your point and personally, I only ask the development team only a few elements that lead me into something both parts can agree with and appreciate. I still have to try the game, in fact, but aside that, in the end I simply do my job and envision my own world within that universe through music.
I also don't know much about the Tron soundtrack which I'll check out for sure.
Thanks for your interest!


2014-05-10 03:39:52

Amazing soundtrack, so many beautiful songs!
The World You See is my favorite aswell. Very nice work ForgottenDawn.

ForgottenDawn responds:

Thank you, much obliged :)