2013-09-14 08:14:47 by ForgottenDawn

Hey folks, it's been a while.

I just withdrew from the NGADM contest due to difficulties in life and work. Still a great result, in my opinion, since I made it through the top 16 among +200 submissions, initially. So hopefully I'll be able to catch onto other opportunities around the web.

I'm still planning to release a Bandcamp-only album when it will be done, and it will appear only on Youtube for streaming. I'm going to keep albums and full releases exclusive to Bandcamp since their songs will likely be part of a larger concept. So what will happen to the tracks that aren't album-related? Nothing, except what has already been done.

Speaking of concepts, there are other things in store for you that are not solely related to music, but I'm taking my time to polish things a little bit before announcing them officially here.

What else to say, thank you for your support, stay tuned and hopefully you'll see more stuff coming out in a near future.


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2013-09-15 01:58:30

Real life's been keeping you busy, huh? Sorry to hear you're not participating in the NGADM anymore :\

ForgottenDawn responds:

Indeed. It's a very uncertain future here and surely not the brightest. I can only hold on to my dreams and do what I can to survive until the situation hopefully gets better for me.


2013-09-16 01:43:11

Things are bad in the US, more than the numbers say. Hasn't been this bad, since Jimmy Carter was in office. A lot of people move away, move in with someone or rent (which has also gone up substantially), or just go on the dole and dig in till they throw you out.

I saw an episode of Top Gear UK, where they drove south into Spain, and everything was extremely depressed. You hear some truth in the news here, but the scope isn't looked too closely upon here... it's "what's the latest crisis", to divert our attention away from the ones that already transpired.

ForgottenDawn responds:

I live in southern Italy, and things are just disastrous here. The only thing I've got so far by hearing various people around the world is that there isn't much difference between where I live and the States, which I almost considered as an option for moving abroad. Italy nowadays is the 2nd Greece of our "union", things are that bad and people are either tired and depressed because they can't find a job, or just plain stupid because they're the ones worsening the overall situation. I think that generally speaking, the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea is pretty poor economically and opportunities are very scarce. If somebody asked me about moving here I'd say a straight No. It's garbage, literally.


2013-09-16 23:00:52

Looks like all our money's going (gone) to the manufacturers in China and India, and the go juice pumpers from the middle-east and Russia. The world was always a strange and wonderful place, but I can't help but feel the game got rigged.....

ForgottenDawn responds:

We surely made it strange while it is indeed wonderful on its own. China is witnessing its industrial revolution while the rest of the world sits in a recession that is very close to 1929, since we're basically all depending on you economically and we happen to be "allies". But politics and games aside, this is a very difficult situation mostly because we can hardly predict what's going to happen in the next few years. It's like we're witnessing a big transition but we don't know what we're heading to.


2013-09-18 00:04:00

I believe the ultra-rich have the idea, that if the world economy tanks, they can step in and make even more drastic changes in our way of life. The first of these changes were made before WWI to the educational systems of almost all Western governments....

Looks like money might just end up being useless soon, unless you don't object to being tagged electronically, which really amounts to the "devil's mark", where you can't buy, sell or exchange without some kind of electronic chip....

ForgottenDawn responds:

I hardly believe in conspiracies, and I'd rather believe anyone can step up the game and move pawns around the board instead of thinking there's a shadow group leading our lives. That's just paranoia fuel for those susceptible minds that just want to be fooled around with, and I tell you what, the "ultra-rich" stayed quarantined in their wealth during this whole recession as the banks made it possible in the first place. Guess where it started. Can you also guess where it's gonna end? It's fairly easy. So it wouldn't surprise me if all of a sudden they decide something that could revolutionize our daily living by mass tagging, virtual currency, virtual everything. Think about it: it already is. Not everywhere, but it's a start, for the good or worse.


2013-09-18 14:24:13

Yup, it's the free reign of the bankers, who's power over money dwarfs that of the nation-states :| Some believe the wealthy remnants of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knights_Templar are still in control of the largest banks.

ForgottenDawn responds:

Sure, add witches, Illuminati, KKK, Al-Qaeda, Mayans and aliens.