2013-05-17 12:36:14 by ForgottenDawn

It seems like Newgrounds' own audio community is being pretty active recently, with plenty of opportunities to grab on the spot, letting artists have a bit of breathing space as well as a voice to echo among the masses.

Thus, with much probability I will participate into these two on-going contests: the NGMT and the Art Inspired music contest.

I'd like to say everyone to do your best and be sportive to one another.
Thank you also for your overwhelming support shown for my submission "Dreams", I'm really humbled by your response and I'm looking forward to creating more stuff in the next weeks.

So long, till the next update.


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2013-05-17 15:54:27

fuck i took too much music work already... -_-

ForgottenDawn responds:

Next time...