2013-04-27 11:23:42 by ForgottenDawn

Celebrating the 1st place by opening a Bandcamp profile available here.

Peace out


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2013-05-03 01:07:25


ForgottenDawn responds:

Thank you


2013-05-05 14:58:27

gratz with winning. Must have taken a lot of time to create that piece

ForgottenDawn responds:

Thank you, it did take quite a while considering many things happened in the meantime, last minute changes and what not.


2013-05-13 10:20:44

Congrats with your first place. It's great. I hope you'll get more recognition on Newgrounds. In any case a new fan here. Keep it up.

ForgottenDawn responds:

Thank you for your support, much obliged.