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December 2019 Digest

Posted by ForgottenDawn - December 3rd, 2019

Hello, everyone.

I've been wanting to write an update for a while. It just didn't happen for a number of reasons which can all be summarized to life simply happening. It's going to be a surprisingly short heads-up.

There's stuff in the works, that much I can say. I've been getting commissions done and furthering progress on some of my personal albums. I've got enough in-progress material to cover potential future singles and, of course, my "atmospheric funeral doom metal experiment" number 4, which some fans have been highly anticipating on my YouTube channel.

Now, I don't like keeping promises nor the prospect of feeding a self-imposed tight schedule like some kind of business. Things will be done when they will be done, as always.

On a few more PSAs, SoundCloud has recently announced (thank you @Troisnyx for providing the link) their eventual compliance to COPPA by 2020 along with new updated restrictions to the upload limit for free users. Since I still got a handful of tracks there merely consisting of audio previews from really old Unity Asset Store products, I might back them up here on Newgrounds as a countermeasure, so don't freak out if you see relics from my 2014 self suddenly resurfacing in a near future.

It's no big loss if my account will one day be terminated there, as I haven't been minding the platform in a really good while and I frankly don't care what happens to the website at large. It's just funny to me how Newgrounds is becoming the going back to parents' card for certain communities (see Tumblr) after some disastrous shot-themselves-in-both-feet ToS update. Speaks volumes about the state of 2020 Internet and wildly popular web-based services, in general.

Speaking of mass content creator migrations, there's still no viable alternative to YouTube yet. One can only hope there will be one day, but for now, things will stay as they've always been and I have no intention of going anywhere point blank, anytime soon. I will still upload 1-hour ambiances, I will still upload full albums and singles, one-off experiments, covers, tributes, anything you and I can possibly think of. Besides, we're nearing 1000 subscribers. Why leaving before the party starts, right?

And that's all for now. As always, feel free to leave a dime to my Patreon or anywhere allowing you to buy my own stuff if you'd like, even just the equivalent of a coffee means the world to me. Subscribe, follow, comment, reshare, do whatever you like.

Stay tuned, stay real.


Comments (3)

how's life, old fart

Hey there. It's going, still breathing. How about you?

Slow but I'm enjoying my time on NG. I'm not doing any project atm and just music and work.

Cool, cool. In the end I always seem to come back here the more other places shit on their collective beds, lol. I love every second of it.

You worked or working on any project?

Yeah, plenty actually. As I said, I've been getting commissions out of the way and slowly carrying some personal projects. I have enough material for new potential singles and albums, as well as anything coming 'round the corner. I just need to finish all of it, one thing at a time cause believe me it's a lot of stuff.