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m0lecular - soundwaves in liberty

2017-05-10 10:15:31 by ForgottenDawn

Greetings, everyone. I hope you're doing great.

So, I've got some interesting news today. I'm proud to unveil a project I have been keeping under wraps for The Underground Collective, which isn't Volume II. It's a complete and utter surprise, instead. It's something special meant as a tribute album for someone we hold dearly in high regard. Someone who's a fellow Newgrounder like us, a charitable individual and a great composer.

This is for you, man. @MactaMendax
It's our turn now.

So, how did we get the idea? Well, me and @backwardecho have been wanting to create something like this for months. It was important for us to remind ourselves about what really makes Newgrounds great. It's a community, first and foremost. We reminded ourselves that there's nothing wrong in asking for help when someone needs it. We reminded ourselves that our collaborative spirit can take us to greater heights and propel each other to grow as artists and individuals. We collab to express ourselves and ultimately because it's fun!

We took this opportunity to show to this awesome website that such things can exist if we open our minds to it. We grabbed about a dozen people — good friends and musicians, and we then decided to secretly coordinate ourselves for this special occasion. An entire album made to symbolically represent what @MactaMandex's actions mean to us. His patronage and philanthropy on the website. And we took the concept a step further.

With charity on our minds since the start, we thought of sharing this cause, as suggested by our friend @RealFaction, available at GoFundMe here:

It's a heartbreaking story, and the title of our tribute album unintentionally reflects what we could all wish for Jacob and her girlfriend: freedom. Freedom of expression. Freedom to be what you want to be.

So, please, give our tracks a chance! :) Share them, listen, do whatever you want. Feel also free to tag more people in the comment section below.

As for Volume II of The Underground Collective, well... TBA. ;o

@backwardecho @edm364 @Enzer0 @hikari @jacobcadmus @larrynachos @mattashi @evilraccoon @phonometrologist @realfaction @lucidshadowdreamer @soundchris


Album link:


1 Hour Ambient loop

2017-05-02 01:04:17 by ForgottenDawn


Website ON

2017-04-24 13:21:47 by ForgottenDawn

Hey folks, so the website is finally live at this link:

...sort of.

It's still heavily in the works, but it should give you an idea of what my output will look like in the future.

I really just needed a space where I can just put all my ideas and projects in one place. It's a crowded and ever-changing place, like a busy workshop, so there's always gonna be stuff going on.

Also, just saying, a lot of features still don't work and the website is technically responsive but it's not yet optimized.

That said, have fun browsing my website. :)


Little tease of the website...

2017-04-22 18:57:03 by ForgottenDawn

Coming soon™


Easter thoughts

2017-04-15 17:46:09 by ForgottenDawn

Hey guys and gals, how's it going?

I wanted to wish a Happy Easter to anyone celebrating the holidays, and to everyone else, I just wanted to leave some quick thoughts about what's been going on here lately.

As I mentioned last time, the Forgotten Dawn website is in the works and there's been some good progress. Been working on it for quite a good while —this is actually the third time I'm designing the whole thing from scratch— and it's coming up nice and tidy. I'm not entirely sure when I'll give it the first light, but it is gonna be this year and it's gonna feature quite a lot of content, old and new.

Musically speaking, I'm probably gonna focus on ambient music again. I consider it my musical home and I always return to it every time I feel the need to take a break from anything else. It also works as a self-relaxation tool and as a simple outlet for myself. There's just something about it... I love putting good droney atmospheres in the background and just drift with my mind, whether it's writing or drawing or working on something else. Good feels, man.

So, yeah. I hope you have a good day and I'll see you next time.


Website in progress...

2017-04-07 13:44:19 by ForgottenDawn

Hey folks, how's it going?

I'm happy to announce that my personal website is officially in progress after months of stagnation and rethinking.

It's currently designed to be simple, hopefully intuitive, and chock full of content. Pretty static design, too, nothing too flashy or fancy.

Speaking of which, part of the reason why it's been taking me a really long while to create this thing is because my output is incredibly diverse and it doesn't include just music. In short, organizing all this content has been the hard part.

However, good news is that there's a pretty solid structure now, so hopefully it's only a matter of time before the website is up and running. I will still use Newgrounds as a social/blogging platform.

So, that's about it for now, I'll see you folks later.


Full album videos ready!

2017-03-24 17:46:03 by ForgottenDawn

Hey folks!

As I mentioned last time, full album videos are now available on my Youtube channel. Right now they only include soundtrack albums and I will slowly upload my other personal projects once they'll be ready.




Full album mixes

2017-03-17 09:51:58 by ForgottenDawn

Just a quick announcement: full album streamings on my Youtube channel — including soundtrack albums and personal projects — will be available at some point. Hopefully soon enough.

I figure it'd be easier to recognize the individual projects as a whole as opposed to having to look for the single tracks.

Will keep you posted in due time.


More than a rant, it's just a way to get some thoughts out of my head. It's nothing serious, I'm doing fine.

However, sometimes I can't help but feeling... afraid and really uneasy within today's society.

I think it's appalling that in 2017, I still hear people talking about "white" people, "black" people, SJW's, BLM, feminists, neo-nazis, alt-right, alt this, alt that, autists, cucks, immigrants, non-immigrants, etc.

You really can't afford to say anything these days without being taken out of context and have a label glued on your forehead by whoever doesn't like your opinion and doesn't wanna hear it, twisting words and turning them into disposable insults for the sole purpose of inflicting more misery upon others. What's going on out there?

Everything just seems to be blown out of proportion these days, ain't it? Oh, this guy said this about that, wow, big deal. Everybody can be an easy target for the media bubble and internet justice mobs. It's convenient, and easy to do. You just need to be "outraged" about something and vehemently project your hatred and bigotry upon the other. There are so many echo chambers across the world you can join at the cost of nothing but a lot of... passionate time. It's so easy, and it's not just confined to the internet.

It's a war on labels. I call you this and you call me that. Kids in kindergarten do it, but they're kids, you can forgive them. One day they'll learn how to behave more maturely. Hopefully. But society these days seems to enjoy hammering that behavior as a kind of "normal" thing to do whenever something doesn't go quite their way.

I think it's sad. And scary.

It's scary to think of how easy it is to regress into this form of media-inflated tribalism where everyone can point fingers about stuff they don't like that is suddenly deemed "outrageous" or even "dangerous". Freedom of speech, you say? I think that's abuse of that same freedom, when you're limiting others' own freedom for the sake of feeling superior.

Opinions can be argued, sure. You may agree or disagree with them, we all have differences. But it ends there. It's not a reason to fuel the fire of hatred and bring things on a personal level. When it comes down to opinions, that's really all there is. It's just an opinion. Of course, if i.e. you say you hate X group of people and then try to actively harass them, I might have a slight problem with that, but you know, if you're all talk about it, I simply disagree with whatever you say and let go. Fact-checking is the hard part. No one wants to do that, so it's just a lot easier to spread ignorance instead.

I simply think there are more pressing matters at hand worth discussing. I know I've been painfully general here, it's really just a rant/venting out post. I get up every day and I think to myself "I hope that one day my music, and my games, my writings, my artwork, my... anything, really, will invite people to stop and reflect for a sec about what's going on in our lives, if what we're doing is good or not, if we're hurting people by our actions, if instead of healing we're creating more divisions without even noticing, if we're building more walls instead of bridges, if we're simply regressing to our uglier, more brutal side."

Every day I come to Newgrounds with new ideas and perspectives, and try out ways of having fun with the community by proposing different ideas and celebrating our own collaborative spirit. Because it's fun! It brings us closer together and through our creations, we eliminate borders. I say why not? It's not that radical of an idea, isn't it?

What I do in my creative works tends to be generally apolitical and avoids direct references to news or religious topics for the simple fact that projecting my own personal beliefs isn't the main focus of my own work and has never been. Creating for the sake of controversy isn't really my thing either, and I think it would be more collateral than anything. I just create for expressing myself, and that's really why I am frightened, sometimes.

There will be people out there who won't like such freedom. They'll seek to destroy it in any way possible and my fear is more towards the fact that it's becoming easier and easier for such people to abuse their privilege. Imagine your lifetime work suddenly disappearing because some dude or some group of folks decided your shit was too controversial to exist, or didn't match their own blind expectations.

Scary, right?

I don't know if it's too commonplace to think that if in the old days people didn't like something they would just avoid it, when suddenly nowadays everyone is entitled to take something down because "it hurts my feelings and I'm an emotionally fragile individual".

I think it's ultimately gonna be... a really bumpy ride, lol. I won't yield, and it took me a long, long time to get to the point where I can bring myself to speak freely about my own thoughts.

Anyways. My next posts will likely cover more Newgrounds-based initiatives and AIM is also pretty close, so I look forward to that. Thanks for sticking around and see you guys soon.


Poll results

2017-03-10 16:12:53 by ForgottenDawn

To give yourself the full context, please read the previous newspost along with the comments below.

So, long story short, 8 people voted for "Contest", as opposed to 2 people who voted for "Collab" instead.

There you have it! Please, let me know your thoughts.

@TroisNyx @RealFaction